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Campground Rules and Guidelines


  Welcome to Houghton Lake Travel Park! Our rules are simple and are not intended to create a hardship for anyone.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time, but not at the expense of your neighbors and fellow campers.  We are all a part of this campground together, and a spirit of cooperation is appreciated. This is a quiet family park.

  1. RESPECT.  Please show respect to others.  The management tries hard to respect and accommodate the wishes of campers, but campers must respect the wishes of the management.  This is a private campground and is the private property of the owners.
  2. CHECKOUT TIME. 1:00 P.M. If you wish to extend your stay for additional nights, please let us know by 10:00 AM.                                                   Check in 1:30 P.M. for camping sites, 2:00 P.M. for cabins.
  3. QUIET TIME.  We observe quiet time from Sunday evenings through Thursday from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, and Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.  You may not make excessive noise or have loud music that is disturbing to others at anytime, even during non-quiet time hours.  What is “excessive” will be determined/judged by the management.  The management expects a spirit of cooperation from all campers.
  4. SPEED LIMIT.  The speed limit in the park is 8 ½ miles per hour, and will be enforced.  There are small children in the park, and extreme caution is necessary.
  5. VISITORS.  All visitors must sign in at the office upon their arrival at the park.  Any visitor with a vehicle will need to obtain a car pass from the office. Cost for visitors is $1.00 per day for use of the facilities, and $5.00 for staying overnight if more than four total campers at a site.  Visiting hours are between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
  6. SITE PARKING.  Only one vehicle is allowed to be parked on each site, unless the equipment being used for camping is a motorhome.  In that case, an extra vehicle is allowed.  Additional vehicles must be parked in the visitor parking area.  All vehicles must have a car passBoats may be parked on sites only if a vehicle is hitched to it and campers are present at the site.  Other boat parking is available… see the management.  No golf carts or 4-wheelers may drive around in the park.  Scooters for medical purposes ARE allowed.
  7. PETS.  Pets are welcome in the park.  Please clean up after your pet.  All pets must be kept on a short leash when outside, must be kept inside at night, must not be an annoyance to others, and are not to be left unattended.   (See more details on additional sheet below.)
  8. GARBAGE.  Please help us keep the campground clean and beautiful.  All garbage is to be wrapped and tied in a plastic bag and put in the dumpster.
  9. POOL.  Please observe all rules posted in the pool area.  The swimming pool is for registered guests only.  There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty.  Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult.  Food, glass, alcohol, and smoking are not allowed in the pool area.
  10. WASHING VEHICLES.  Please do not wash your car at your camping site.
  11. CAMPGROUND PROPERTY.  Do not cut or damage any standing timber.  Do not destroy or vandalize any campground property.  Do not move or remove fire pits.
  12. DUMPING.  Sign up at the office to have your trailer tanks emptied on site.  Cost for this service is $5.00 on Mondays.;  $10.00 any other time.         No Sunday dumps.
  13. REFUNDS.  Camping is an outdoor experience.  Therefore, we do not offer refunds or rain checks due to any discomfort of nature.  We’re sorry if it’s raining 🙂
  14. PROPANE, FIREWOOD, ICE CREAM.  All of these are available for purchase at the office (see firewood delivery schedule).
  15. ALCOHOL:  Please confine alcohol to your individual camping site.  Thank you.
  16. MARIJUANA:  Marijuana is not allowed anywhere on this property.  Thank you.
  17. EXTENDED STAY.  Rates for extended stays are in the office.
  18. All large group activities must be approved by the management.
  19. If you have a complaint regarding other campers or loud music, etc., or if you just need something after hours, please call the management at 989-422-3931.



Houghton Lake Travel Park allows pets because we realize that pets are a part of many camping families.  Campers, however, need to accept the responsibility of their pets while at the campground.

What are the expectations of the camping industry regarding pets?

1)  Pets must be on a six-foot leash at all times when outside of your camping unit, not ever allowed to roam free in the campground.  Expandable leashes allow the dog to wander farther than you expect.  Please do not use these.

2)  There is a dog run located at the north end of the park.  Along the run there are three containers and scoopers provided for use to pick up after your dog.  If your dog “does his duty” anywhere else in the park, please pick it up and dispose of it.

3)  Pets are never to be left unattended on your camping site.  This includes leaving them in the trailer while you are away, or asking a neighbor to “keep an eye on them” while you are gone.

4)  Pets are not allowed in the pool area or inside the store.

5)  Pets should never appear to be a threat to anyone else in the campground.  Only YOU know if your dog is dangerous and/or aggressive.  Even typically non-aggressive dogs can surprise you in an active environment such as a campground.   We have had two dog bites in the last two years, and the response from the owners was the same both times… “The dog has never done that before!”  There is always a first time.  Animals are unpredictable.

6)  The management reserves the right to remove any dog from the campground if any of these guidelines are not followed.

7)  Any dog bites will immediately be reported (as required by law) to the Roscommon County Animal Control Department.

We sincerely want everyone to enjoy their camping experience, pets and pet-owners alike.  You cooperation will help.  Pets enjoy camping too!  Thank you!

Thank you for your cooperation.  Enjoy your stay, and have a great time!


1)  No pets in the cabins.  This will be closely monitored and enforced. 2)  No smoking or vaping in the cabins. 3)  We supply the plastic mattress cover and bottom sheet for you.  You supply all other bedding. 4)  The fire ring, picnic table, charcoal grill, refrigerator, and air conditioner are supplied to meet your needs. 5)  Please turn the air conditioner and refrigerator off when you leave, and return the key to the office. 6)  We will not tolerate any mischief in the cabins, such as marking walls, rafters, etc. 7)  Thank you for your help in keeping these cabins clean and neat!